★ WoW - PvP with Ruinous! - TGN
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★ WoW - PvP with Ruinous! - TGN<br>Join Ruinous here: www.ruinnation.com A short public service announcement for all those looking to have a good time in World of Warcraft. Made by Ruin & Hengest. www.facebook.com
Hello, Hordies.
Look at your guild, now back to mine.
Now back at your guild, now back to mine.
Sadly, it isn't mine.
But if they stopped using DarkDK as their poster boy and switched to Ruinous, they could PvP like mine.
Look down. Back up.
Where are you?
You're on a Zeppelin with the guild your guild could party like.
What's in your hand?
Back at me. I have it.
It's a Ruthless weapon with two enchants you love.
Look again!
The enchants are now TB wins.
Anything is possible when your guild raids like Ruinous.
I am on a lion.



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