What is Google Chrome OS?
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What is Google Chrome OS?<br>Telling the story of Google Chrome and how it inspired an operating system. Produced by Epipheo Studios. Sign up to get updates about Google Chrome OS: services.google.com More info: www.chromium.org
So, You are on the internet using a web browser.
You know, that thing with the address bar and back button
and bookmarks...
That thing you are in right now, up there, yep,
That's your web browser.
If you are like me, when you are on your computer
you spend something like, i don't know,
90% of your time on the internet in a browser.
There's emails, chatting, reading news, watching videos, playing games, buying things,
to name a few...
Which kind of makes the web browser
the most important program on your computer.
And if you think about it, it hasn't always been this way...
You see, web browsers were first designed
a long time ago, with the old internet in mind.
back when it was slow and mainly just words with links that just send you to more words
with links,
back before all of these innovations...
So some guys at Google asked,
"what if we redesigned the web browser from scratch with an eye towards the new web"?
You know, maps, video, and web apps that are a lot more - dynamic.
And so they created Chrome,
a web browser that is crazy fast on today's internet.
And its sleek and more secure,
but mostly, it's really fast.
I mean, my biggest question when I boot up my computer
is "How long till I get on the internet?" Right?
I mean, if there isn't any internet I might not even use my computer.
Did you know that even the fastest computers will take, like, 45 seconds to boot up.
45 seconds!
You can make a sandwich in that time.
Here is what's going on when your computer is booting up.
There's this list of things to do,
stuff I'm sure you don't care about,
but it cranks through them one at a time.
What you probably notice is that your programs begin loading up slowly
and, if you are like me, as soon as you see your web browser icon appear
you are double clicking it over and over and over...
"Lets go buddy! I got some emails to read!"
Well, all this stuff is called your Operating System
and over time
your once fresh computer gets slow.
Google was like, "Wait a second, if your operating system is a hassle,
if all you're using your computer for is to get on your web browser,
to get online, then maybe we don't need this anymore?"
What if when you pressed "on", you were on the internet in seconds?
What if your browser was your operating system?
So check this out. This means you don't have to deal with managing programs,
or nagging updates, or lost files,
or confusing settings,
or blue screens of doom, and there's no nagging updates.
just your browser.
Which means you can still listen to music, watch movies, interact with friends,
create documents, play games, write emails...
You're doing all this stuff that you're already doing on the internet
but here's the thing, none of this is stored on your computer.
What? None of it?, you ask
Yeah, none of it.
Really nothing?
Yes, nothing is stored on your computer.
Well then, Where is it?
It's on the internet.
You know, like when you access your emails from your phone and computer,
the email isn't stored on either device
If everything is stored on the internet,
then your phone, your computer, all those devices are what people call "stateless."
Which is kind of a big word so just remember this:
Chrome is a totally rethought web browser.
You can download it right now on your computer.
But Chrome OS is a totally rethought computer,
that lets you stop worrying about your computer,
so you can focus on the internet.
Which is what most of us use our computers for nowadays,



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