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Place Value 1<br>U01_L1_T1_we1 Place Value 1
Find the place value of three
in four thousand three hundred and fifty six.
Now whenever I think about place value
and the more you do practice problems on this
it'll become a little bit of second nature.
But whenever I see a problem like this
I like to expand out what four thousand
three hundred and fifty six really is.
So let me rewrite the numbers.
So if I were to write -
and I'll write it in different colours.
So four thousand, three hunderd, and fifty, six, is equal to ...
And just think about how I just said it, it is equal to
Four thousand (repeats) four thousand
Plus three hundered (repeats) plus three hundred
Plus fifty (repeats) plus fifty
Plus six.
And you can come up with that based on how we said it.
Four thousand, three hundred, and fifty six
Now another way to think about this
is, this is just like saying this is
Four thousands (repeats) four thousands (repeats faster) four thousands
Plus, or you could even think of and,
So plus three hundreds (repeats) three hundreds
Plus fifty, you could think of this as 5 tens (repeats) 5 tens
Plus six, and instead of six we could say
plus six ones (repeats) plus six ones
And so if we go back to the original number:
four thousand three hundred and fifty six
This is the same thing as four,
I'll write it down, (repeats) four,
let me see how well I can...
I'll write it up like this
This is the same thing as
four thousands (repeats) four thousands
Three hundreds (repeats) three hundreds
Five tens (repeats) five tens
And then six ones
So when they ask:
"What is the place value of three in
four thousand three hundred and fifty six"
We're concerned with this three right here
And its place value, it's in the hundreds place
If there was a four here, that would mean we're dealing with four hundreds
If there's a five, five hundreds
It's the third from the right
This is the ones' place, that' six ones
Five tens, three hundreds
So the answer here is
It is in the "Hundreds" place (repeats) it is in the "Hundreds" place
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