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OSHO: Selling Bliss<br>OSHO International Foundation - www.osho.com --FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY-- Perhaps a Christian conditioning makes people think that anything 'spiritual' should be free. Osho's insight is that the mind gives scant value to anything that is free. Nothing around Osho was free. He reminded us again and again of the importance to remember that freedom comes only from responsibility and one such responsibility is that of paying. Osho has responded to many questions in this regards. Some text excerpts here, another excerpt is available as video from a press interview. "You are ready to go to the movie and pay for it; why should you not pay for your meditation and the lecture if you want to hear it?" "You ask why you have to pay here? The price that is asked is nothing; it is just the beginning of learning a certain lesson that one has to pay for everything, and ... CERTAINLY for meditation -- because it is the highest thing in life." "You pay for everything in life, why not for your meditation? " Quotes from: The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 4,#10
Osho International Foundation presents
Osho: Selling Bliss
Excerpts from an interview with KNBC-TV, Los Angeles, CA
Why is it important,
or why is it necessary,
to sell bliss – why can’t you give it away?
because anything that is just given away
is never taken by anybody.
The higher the cost,
the better
people will keep it,
save it in their treasuries.
Give it free
and it has no value –
people don’t understand value unless
it has a price.
They understand price,
they don’t understand value.
I want you to explain again
if you would, please,
why bliss has to be sold –
why you sell bliss.
Could you grant us three more minutes?
I can, but I cannot repeat
what I have said; I will say something else.
I don’t believe in repetition.
All right. Well then, give me another theory
about why bliss has to be sold.
in this world
has to be
You have to pay
a price for it,
and the bigger the price you pay for it
the higher is your estimate of it.
were all available, like water, free,
nobody will
be able to appreciate their value.
You don’t know the real value of water
unless you have been thirsty in a desert.
Alexander was asked
while he was in India,
a great master,
“If you are in a desert and thirsty
and I have a full
bottle of water,
how much will you be ready to pay for it?”
Alexander said,
“I will pay half my empire
in such a situation.”
But the master said, “I will not sell
until you pay me the full empire.
Why should I sell?
If you are willing to pay half,
that is indication enough
that if I just wait a little more,
the customer is going to feel more thirsty
and is going to pay the full empire.”
And Alexander agreed,
I will give the whole empire."
The master laughed.
He said, “Then what are you doing?
Wasting your whole life
for a bottle of water?
Are you stupid or something?”
The world understands
things in its own way.
my bliss is freely available
to anybody
who can appreciate it,
who is vulnerable to it,
who is open to receive it.
There is no price tag on it.
But those who cannot understand anything
unless they pay for it,
for those poor people
we have to put a price on everything.
It is out of compassion.
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