Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer Teaser
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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer Teaser<br>Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer Teaser. WATCH IN HD.
Yeah, here we see that there is a placed camera, possibly a killstreak, that will monitor an area and relay what it sees to the player, via a small viewshare screen. During this scene we can also see + m k 5/s or *cross* m k 5/s on the back of the gun, what this means I don't know, but maybe we will find out on September 1st. Also the camera itself is temperature sensitive, much like the thermal scopes in Modern Warfare 2. The camera is also detected on the radar, which is on the bottom right.
Here we can see that the camer itself is moveable, much like the Modern Warfare 2 sentry gun, again something that indicates that it is a killstreak. This scene also shows that it's called a Camera Spike and that the team the player is on is called OPS, possibly standing for Black Ops.
A new killstreak, the RC car. You get this streak for scoring three kills in a row, this is probably configurable, and this does seem as a good replacement to the UAV.
After another killstreak ( the care package ) and some assorted kills, and a F*CKING missle launch, we get to see some more information. The crossbow has been confirmed for multiplayer. We already saw this piece of hardware in the previous trailers, and in multiplayer it seems to retain it's function. The explosive bolt it fires seems like it could be detonated by the player whenever he chooses too, but this is speculation. We probably have to wait till Sep. 1st to find out what that missle was all about. Also " Archangel ready for action." - the 5 killstreak seems to be a player guided missle of some sort, like the predator from MW2.
A new weapon, no it's not a mele weapon, because the player is carying it, that is obvious. Now a little bit of info you probably didn't know about. That right there is a wepon usually carried by Spetsnaz operatives, it's called a Balistic Knife (which are illegal just so you know) . It can be used as a regular knife, but it can also be fired via a gas/spring operated machinism, housed within the knife itself, not the casing. It seems treyarch put in the nifty feature of being able to stab someone while reloading the knife. It also seems to come with it's own kill awards. Also technically, the player is carrying two knives, because ,as you can see, there is one in the barrel and on in his hand, that is to be reloaded. That is just bad ass. Whether or not you can stab with both we don't know, but this weapon is just very cool.
Here we just see some assorted kills with the weapons, the return of Call of Duty 4's chopper gunner, maybe, a kill with a semtex granade and overall nothing really interessting.
Here is where the action picks up. Not only do we get a good shot of the Archangel ( possibly ) in flight, but we also see how it looks when you are controlling the RC car, also did I forget to mention, that toy is strapped with C4. This is a makeshift smart bomb that has, reportedly, been used in conflicts throughout the world. Interessting fact, the RC Car Bomb also will appear in the game RAGE.
Napalm bombardment, maybe another version of the airstrike.
This guy gets a really nice headshot with his nifty sniper rifle, but unbeknown to him, there is an Archangel ( maybe) flying at his face. This seems to indicate that the angel is player guided, as I previously thought.
And at the end of the video we see something never before seen in a Call of Duty game. Yes if thought HALO theater mode, you thought right my friend, it seems we can record our gameplays and enjoy many of the same features that the HALO crowd has been using for years know. Also with some nice camera controls and many options. Oh Treyarc, you loveable bunch of ex-modders you. And at the very end we see that on 09.01 we will get more info, and to follow @ JD_2020. Does that mean that the game will be taking place in the near future, gosh I hope so.
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